About BUSY

As cities continue to expand around the globe, the subject of urban studies is more important than ever before. In it, disciplines like Political Science, Architecture, American Studies and Environmental Studies form an intersection of diverse topics and ideas. BUSY hopes to explore these themes in depth.

As Yale's active Urban Studies Discussion Group, BUSY hosts a variety of events to promote, debate, and converse the urbanized world we live in. These include: field trips, films, guest lecturers, discussions, and more.

We will talk with urban planners, police officers, city officials, transportation managers, and many more people over the course of the year. Our trips will be both to lively cities like New York, but also to redeveloping cities, like Hartford and Bridgeport. Our debates will center around current issues surrounding economic factors, racial issues, design, socioeconomic status, etc.

BUSY also publishes a bi-annual magazine. The first issue will be released December, 2019.