The Bulletin for Urban Studies at Yale

The Bulletin for Urban Studies at Yale (BUSY) is a group of students who are passionate about exploring, documenting, and designing urban spaces. We meet weekly on campus, host speakers from around the country, and share our own work through this website.

Beginning in the 2019-2020 term, the Yale School of Architecture began offering an undergraduate major in Urban Studies. Many of BUSY's members are within the Urban Studies major, but an equal portion lie outside of it. We welcome anyone and everyone to come talk urbanism with us, no matter your level of experience or expertise.


Here, you can find posts from our members, discussion threads about various topics in urbanism, and pieces of work done by contributing students. We encourage you to get involved by joining BUSY or contacting us through the form below. No matter what your interests are, we'd love to hear your perspective.

BUSY, originally called CITY Yale, was founded by Andrew Sandweiss '19 and Robert Scaramuccia '19 in 2016.


The BUSY Board

Kapp Singer GH '22

Will Suzuki MC '22

Robert Samec ES '22

Helen Dugmore TD '22

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