Announcing the Spring 2017 CITY Yale Lecture Series

CITY Yale is proud to announce the lineup for the Spring 2017 CITY Yale Lecture Series!

Pastor John Lewis of the CT Center for Nonviolence and Todd Taylor of New Haven Cultural Experience Tours kicked off the semester with "We Come Back to Community: New Haven's African-American History".

Up next is John DeStefano, mayor of New Haven from 1994-2014. He'll be discussing "New Haven and Immigration's New Residents" on 3/2 at 8pm in LC 205.

Other upcoming speakers include:

4/3: Ryan Salvatore, head architect of Ryan Salvatore Design (LC 206, 7 p.m.)

4/18: R. Raleigh D'Adamo, New York City subway map designer (LC 209, 8 p.m.)

4/28: Noel March, 39th United States Marshall for the District of Maine

We hope to see you there, and stay tuned for future additions!